Paul A. Jargowsky, Ph.D.
Professor of Public Policy
Director, Center for Urban Research and Urban Education
Senior Research Affiliate, National Poverty Center, University of Michigan

Paul A. Jargowsky’s principal research interests are inequality, the geographic concentration of poverty, and residential segregation by race and class.  Other areas of interest include educational attainment and economic mobility.  His book, Poverty and Place: Ghettos, Barrios, and the American City (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1997), is a comprehensive examination of poverty at the neighborhood level in U.S. metropolitan areas between 1970 and 1990. The Urban Affairs Association named Poverty and Place the “Best Book in Urban Affairs Published in 1997 or 1998.”  In August 2015, The Century Foundation published Dr. Jargowsky’s report, The Architecture of Segregation: Civil Unrest, the Concentration of Poverty, and Public Policy.  The report received much attention in the media an social media, summarized here.

Jargowsky has also been involved in policy development at both the state and federal levels. In 1993, he was a Visiting Scholar at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services where he helped design the simulation model used for welfare reform planning. In 1986, he was the Project Director for the New York State Task Force on Poverty and Welfare Reform. The report of the Task Force, The New Social Contract: Rethinking the Nature and Purpose of Public Assistance, was influential in reshaping the welfare reform debate. Jargowsky has also been involved as a consultant and expert witness in fair housing and school desegregation litigation.  His consulting with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on suburban poverty and other issues.  Current areas of research include racial and economic segregation, the impacts of economic and spatial inequality, and the consequences of exclusionary suburban development patterns.

Jargowsky teaches courses on economics, sociology, social policy, and empirical methods.

Center for Urban Research and Education
321 Cooper Street
Camden NJ 08102

(856) 225-2729